Scott Baio calls Rush Limbaugh

Scott Baio calls into the Rush Limbagh show


February 26, 2017

Rush Limbaugh Does Impromptu Interview With SCOTT BAIO: “I WILL NOT ABANDON TRUMP”

I knew Chachi’s voice from the get-go.  No offense Mr. Baio – huge fan!

When Scott Baio called in to talk with Rish Limbaugh on February 23rd, it was the bright spot to my daily commute.  He said he would like to play golf with Rush in the future, and that he considered himself an average guy.

Then Mr. Baio called out Paul Ryan for delaying the Trump agenda.  Agreed!  The Elected Elite in DC have no idea what to do with Trump. They know that Trump CAN get his agenda passed.  We all know that if someone wants to do a job, they do it themselves.  And with Trump in office, he is attempting to dismantle the decades-long pandering and pocket-lining business of DC. Watching entrenched Established Elected officials slow down the obvious trend of progress is mind-numblingly infuriating!



I thank God that Trump is dedicated to getting the job done. Just as Mr. Baio says “They assumed that Trump was all talk and no action like everything they have dealt with their entire lives.”  Well said. The Republicans need to be strong in getting the platform that was ELECTED pushed through the grind of DC.  So sorry, your plan of continuing down the open-border, entitlement culture is NOT what the citizens want. Trump ran on a safe border and smart business – and he WON.

Thank you Mr. Bai0 – and Rush: keep talking.  We don’t have to get the crazies out there, but the like-minded and patriotic citizens to KEEP VOTING.  If Senators and Congressmen refuse take their rightly position of power back from the bullying liberals then they might be … a problem.  And elections are coming in only two years.  Get it done, or we will get you out.  The people of this country have a concern for the values for America – and we need strength and perseverance to save our country. We have also had a taste of hope for a better future and now we will fight to protect it.